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A comment we have seen on feedback forms from past rallies is that Terry and I are so busy trying to do everything at once that we never have time to just visit with folks for a few minutes, one on one. That has left some rally attendees feeling left out or slighted. That certainly wasn’t our intention, and we are trying to learn from our past mistakes.

One problem I have is trying to do everything myself. I want to make sure everybody has a good experience at our rallies, so I find myself trying to do too much, when we have so many volunteers who want to help out. I just have not been able to get past the fact that people pay to come to our rallies, then spend so much of their time volunteering. It just doesn’t seem right to me. But a good friend pointed out that to many rally attendees, volunteering is an important part of the experience for them.

So we are learning to delegate. 

Yesterday Don Hankins and Karen Sweeney came by and volunteered to do whatever needs done, so we put them in charge of rally parking. Don and Karen are veteran rally volunteers, having handled all kinds of duties at Escapees rallies and other events over the years.

Two more very faithful volunteers are Tom and Barbara Westerfield, who have come to every Western Gypsy Gathering loaded down with LCD projectors, screens, extension cords, colored markers, easels, and all of the other things that are needed and so easily overlooked. I put them in charge of technical duties to insure our seminar speakers have what they need to give their presentations.

Elaine Loscher and a great crew of ladies has helped Miss Terry handle registration duties at our past rallies, so this time around Terry put Elaine in charge of registration.

Yet another faithful couple who are always willing and eager to lend a hand are Jerry and Suzy LeRoy. They are going to be in charge of selling Gypsy Journal books and subscriptions at the rally.

Besides all of these folks, we have an army of other volunteers, like Mike Loscher who said “I’ll do whatever you need me to do, but don’t put me in charge of anything. I want to be a follower, not a leader.”

Bill and Mabel Becker are busy getting our rally T-shirts folded and ready to sell, and Bill will also be helping with the parking crew. Yesterday afternoon Dick and Jo Padget dropped off a bunch of door prizes they have been busy collecting from the area merchants.

You can see that we’ve got a fine team of people helping us get this rally off the ground, and we really appreciate it. There is no way that Terry and I could make one of these events happen by ourselves.

Thought For The Day – True friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.

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Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “Learning To Delegate”

  1. Who did you put in charge of the weather? You might want to put him/her on probation!!! Forecasts are not looking great.

    On another note, a while back you posted directions to the rally on the website. I had done a cut & pase so I have them, but I could not find them again on your site to send the link to a friend. With everyone coming in today and tomorrow, it might be useful to re-post it.

    See you Sunday, Judy

  2. Maybe you should treat your volunteers who work most of the week as work campers and give them free admission to your rally. I realize that your rally is being put on to make money and not as a public service but maybe that is why you have had trouble delegating. It doesn’t seem right to you to charge the volunteers and then make them work all week.

  3. Doug Iam sure Nick will be fair

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