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Feb 282009

I have the greatest job in the world. I go to the places other people go on vacation, stay as long as I want to, the local attractions usually let me in free because I will be writing an article about them, and I get paid for having all that fun!  

But as much as I love my job, putting this issue of the Gypsy Journal together has been an absolute nightmare. We started out a little behind schedule because of our rally earlier this month. Then we discovered that the newspaper we usually use to print us has gone to a smaller size of newsprint. Newspapers nationwide are going to smaller paper in a move to save money. It’s kind of like the pound of coffee you used to buy that now only weighs maybe thirteen ounces, for the same price.

We have resisted switching to the smaller newsprint, because it reduces the amount of information we can put in an issue of the paper. It also requires a major reformatting of the layout, a very labor intensive job. But after looking all over the region and not finding a web press with the old size paper, I finally accepted the fact that we would have to resize our pages.

The printer gave me the new dimensions, I spent many hours making the switch in our layout, and then the printer’s production manager told me that their sales rep had given me incorrect page sizes, and I would have to do it all over again!

To add to all of that frustration, my page layout software suddenly does not want to cooperate. Needless to say, it hasn’t been much fun, and I’m afraid I’ve been a grouchy bear to live with.

When we started publishing the Gypsy Journal, we told our readers that they would always receive their paper no later than the second week of the first month of that issue date – for example the middle of January for the January-February issue. Thanks to improved technology and relationships we have formed with newspaper printers around the country, for the last few years, we have usually been able to get them delivered before the first of the issue month.

Unfortunately, we’re going to miss both deadlines this time around. So if you are a subscriber, I ask for your patience. It should be printed and in the mail by the end of next week.

My little frustrations seem pretty inconsequential when I remember that one year ago today, I got the terrible news that my good friend Dave Baleria had died suddenly and unexpectedly. Dave, the weeks and months since you left us have been hard. You left a very big hole in our world, one that can never be filled. I miss you everyday, brother.

Thought For The Day – Cherish your dreams, for they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

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  10 Responses to “Frustrations”

  1. Don’t worry about it Nick, most of us retired folks don’t know what the date is anyhow! When ever you get it out we will get it, no sweat!!! Life goes on, no need to fret the small stuff!!!


  2. Most of us working folks have plenty to keep us busy. I suspect that we wouldn’t realize the paper is late if you would just “shut up”. I’ll read it when it gets here.


  3. ….and consider that the anniversary date of the loss of your good friend may be (unconsciously) making every little difficulty more difficult. It happens to all of us. Take a day off to spend quietly remembering and honoring him. THEN tackle all the other “stuff”. I’m sure none of your readers would object.

  4. I agree with Mike, Nick. We get our mail forwarded, so I never know exactly when the Gypsy Journal arrives at our service in SD.

    And this problem pales in light of the big picture of life. The loss of one of our best buddies a year ago today is hanging heavy on many of our hearts. Dave taught me so much about RVing, and I enjoyed so many good times with him and Sandy. I miss him every day.

    So, take a big breath, go look for a geocache with Miss Terry, and don’t let early demise take you from us, too!

  5. Amen to your thoughts on Dave, Barb & I still use his CD and miss him everytime we do.
    As for the news letter, we still won’t be home for a month, take care.
    Tom & Barb

  6. Nick, Sharon has said it all very well. We remember it was you who got word to us (through Dave McCreary) about Dave’s passing, that enabled us to be with Sandy that awful evening. You are a good friend to so many people, and your impact on all of us will never be hampered by these little things like publishing delays. It’s all part of the adventure!

  7. ARGH, Computers!!!! No worries here. Got a computer glitch here every too often myself. Take your time Nick, you are doing your best! Don’t lose sleep over it. Looking forward to the next GJ issue.

  8. Nick, let go and let God. Get outside. Sit and stare at the beauty He has made and is letting you enjoy. We all care about you.

  9. Thats it! Take a break and smell the roses. After all, you are THE… Nick Russell!

  10. Nick,

    Another way of looking at it is a chance to improve your computer skills.
    As to getting any issue on time, we don’t even know if it is late. No sweat, friend.

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