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What better way for fulltime RVers to spend New Years Day than traveling to a new place they’ve never visited before?

We pulled out of Aransas Pass about noon, traveled north on U.S. Highway 181 to Sinton, and then hooked up with U.S. Highway 77 southbound. We joined Interstate 37 for a couple of miles, then U.S. 77 branched off again. This route took us around the north side of Corpus Christi, and while we could have saved a few miles by going through the big city, it was worth it to me not to have to cross the high bridge over the Ship Channel, or deal with all of the crazy traffic in Corpus Christi.

I like to drive on the top half of my fuel tank, and it being New Years Day, and us driving into new territory, I was a bit apprehensive about finding fuel. We could make it to Mission on the fuel we had onboard, but we’d be pretty low when we arrived. A few miles from Sinton I spotted a truck stop on the other side of the dividend four lane highway, found a crossover and went back to it, only to discover that they were out of fuel.

We had to back track a mile or so to another crossover to get headed back in the right direction, and another few miles brought us to the small town of Odem, where we found a convenience store with a truck fuel island. Of course, the first pump I pulled up to was out of order, so I had to go back out onto the street and pull back in to another pump.

With our tank full, we continued south through Kingsville, discovering along the way that my concerns about finding diesel were unfounded. We passed several truck stops along the way, all open for business.

At Riviera we took State Route 285 east for 22 miles to the small town of Falfurrias, where we turned south again on U.S. Highway 281. This was a nice divided four lane highway that carried us 70 miles to Pharr, where we turned west on U.S. Highway 83, a very busy divided highway that took us to Mission. We pulled into Mission West Resort, a nice Passport America park where we booked a site for a week.
Mission West is a big park, with over 300 RV sites, and the Passport rate of $14 a night for a back in 30 amp full hookup site was a good deal. Everybody we saw in the campground, from the lady in the office to her husband who parked us, to the folks walking by, were all very friendly.
Of course, it being Texas, and our site being on grass, we had to deal with the unofficial Texas state flower, the goat head, also known as the sandspur. These small, prickly devils are everywhere we’ve ever been in Texas, and by the time I got parked, they were pasted all over our bus tires. This is no place to walk around barefoot!

I was disappointed that, after all of our effort to seal every possible air leak around our bus radiators, we are still running at the upper edge of our comfort level on the temperature gauge. We were not overheating, but on a 75 degree day in flat terrain like this, I was hoping the gauge would show us running at least a few degrees cooler. I guess we’ll know more when we get into the mountains of Arizona in a couple of weeks, but as of now, I don’t think our work solved the problem.

Thought For The Day – As you get older your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them either.

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  7 Responses to “Traveling To Mission, Texas”

  1. Welcome Friends. Give us a call after you get settled in.

    Hugs…………Pat and Mike

  2. Nice change to the links on the sides. The green color really helps me distinquish the links. It looks good also.

    Happy new year and safe travels

  3. Glad you made the trip safely and in good time. Have a great visit and let us know how you like the area. Thanks for a great time while you were here:-)

  4. Welcome to south Texas. If you like grapefruit, do not miss the fruit market in Weslaco on Business 83. They are “to die for”. Last year they were 18 pounds for $4. We are in Zapata for the second winter and have not made our trip to “the valley” yet but did find grapefruit here for 10 pounds for $6. We have found south Texas to be very friendly.

    How do you tell a “gringe winter Texan?” The women are all too old to be pregant and the men all look like they are !!!!

  5. Hi, we love the new blog format! Would it be possible to post a date on each entry? We don’t get to it every day, especially when we are traveling, and we like to read it from “back to front”!

    Happy New Year! We hope to meet up with you and Terry again in Ohio next September!

    Susan & Ron Wilson, Clearwater, FL

  6. Nick honey, the fuel tax/subsidy proposal is not about greed, it’s about the reality of crumbling roads. For instance, in CO roads were built & designed to last 20 yrs. yet there are highway sections 70-100 yrs old. There are 126 structurally deficient bridges. Highway construction costs are up 43% just the last 4 yrs. (per AAA). You know how bad I-10 and I-40 are. Every govt. is looking for money sources; we’re all up the creek and down to one kayak paddle.

  7. “That old baggage”. No way to refer to my DW.
    I like the new Blog site. It will stay as my Saturday morning read.
    I’ll wish you everything you wish yourselves for the New Year.

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