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Terry and I have been busy working on all of the details of our upcoming Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally. Yesterday we arranged for the pizzas for our Wednesday night pizza party, which is always a big hit at our rallies. It’s a chance for everybody to get together, enjoy some good food, socialize, and get to know one another. If you want to see the eyes of a small town pizza shop manager get real big, walk in someday and order 100+ pizzas! They’ll think it’s Super Bowl Sunday all over again!

We also ordered the rally T-shirts. At our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally in Ohio last September we sold out, so be sure to stop by the shirt sales table when you register and get yours while supplies last.

We are getting in new rally registrations every day, along with new vendors signing up. I think our overall numbers may be a bit less than last year, although Miss Terry thinks it will be real close. No matter if we have more people or less, we know it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope you join us!

While we were out dealing with rally things yesterday, we also took a few minutes to check out the Moose Lodge in Arizona City, about 10 miles from Casa Grande, along with the Casa Grande Elks lodge. RVing Members of both organizations have a lot of overnight parking opportunities. Some lodges around the country allow visiting members to dry camp in their parking lots overnight, and others have dedicated RV hookups. We have stayed in some lodges around the country that rival any RV park you’ll find anywhere, with full hookups, swimming pools, and even golf courses! I wanted to see what the local lodges had to offer.

The Moose lodge in Arizona City has three back-in RV  sites large enough to handle any size RV, with water and 30 amp electric hookups. A sign posted at the lodge said the requested donation was $5 a night, and there was a three night limit. A member of the lodge posted on one of the online forums that the stay limit is never enforced.

In Casa Grande, the Elks lodge has eight back-in RV sites, with water only. The donation there was also $5 a night, with no stay limit.

My good friend Don Hankins has arranged a special Moose membership signup at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally next month. Members will be inducted into the Arizona City lodge, and it is a simple, inexpensive, and easy procedure. So if you’re planning on coming to the rally, let me know and I’ll put you together with Don for the signup.

Thought For The Day – One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

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  1. Don has been actively announcing the Moose sign-ups at Boomerville (SKP Boomers area in Quartzsite). I’m sure you’ll get some sign-ups.

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