Inauguration Day

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Jan 202009

This is an historic day for our nation. You cannot deny that, no matter what your politics are.

Some people believe that we are on the threshold of monumental changes that will make us a better country and a better people, and others are just as convinced that we are headed for hell in a hand basket. I guess it’s all about your viewpoint.

In my years of publishing small town newspapers, I always seemed to have someone upset with me about my politics. The conservatives thought that I was too damned liberal, and the liberals accused me of being too conservative.

I think that the problem that most of these folks had was that I refuse to wear any label. I stated my opinions without regard to whose toes I was stepping on.

Because I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, because I believe that every American has the right to own a firearm and to use it to defend their home and family, because I feel that aliens who entered our country illegally should be rounded up and deported, disagree with affirmative action, and support capital punishment when it is called for, some would have had you believe that I’m one step away from donning a sheet and burning a cross on somebody’s front yard.

On the other hand, because I believe that a person’s sexual orientation should not make them a second class citizen or deny them the right to serve in the military or marry the person they love, because I support the strides that minorities and women have made due to their own efforts, and believe that we need to stop interfering in other nations’ affairs, and stop wasting the lives of our men and women in uniform fighting wars we have no business being in, some people would have had you believe I’m a commie pinko fag.

No, I’m just an American, exercising his right to express his opinions, right or wrong. Isn’t it great that we live in a country where we can do that?

I do not believe that our new President is inherently evil because he is a Democrat or because of his skin color; nor do I believe that he is our savior because of his party affiliation or race. He is just a man, with all of the strengths and weaknesses we all have. But, none of us can deny that Barack Obama has made history.   

Thought For The Day – Destiny is not something to be waited for, but rather something to be achieved.

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Nick Russell

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  9 Responses to “Inauguration Day”

  1. A peaceful transfer of power is a wonderful thing.

  2. I’m watching Obama’s inaugural speech as I write this. I’m grateful that there are people who want to serve our great nation as our leaders. I wish him well, he’s got a very tough start.

  3. It is a great day!

  4. Well said, Nick.

  5. I agree that Barrack has made history today. More importantly, America has made history. It’s going to be interesting.

  6. Amen to all of the above!!!!! You always make me smile!!!

  7. Amen, and Amen! You say it so well, Nick.

  8. You said it so well and I couldn’t agree more. I’ll add my AMEN to the chorus.

  9. Hey Nick,

    It sounds like you’re a Libertarian! 🙂


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