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How do you define fulltime RVing?

I call it FREEDOM.

No lifestyle can give you the freedom that we who live with wheels under our houses enjoy. Freedom to go wherever we choose to. Freedom to stay as long as we want to. Freedom to decide we want to see what’s over the next hill, and head there on a moment’s notice.

We have literally pulled up at an intersection and done a mental flip of the coin to decide which way to turn, north or south, east or west. This is a concept that those who have never experienced such freedom just cannot understand. We have the entire continent as our back yard. If we want to spend some time living on the seashore, we can go there and stay as long as we like. If we want to experience the Rocky Mountains, all we have to do is point the nose of our RV in their direction and go.

No long term planning is required. We don’t have to close up a house, call to have the newspaper delivery stopped, arrange for someone to pick up the mail and mow the lawn in our absence. All we do in unplug an electrical cord, disconnect a water hose, stow the satellite dish, hook up our tow vehicle and away we go! And we don’t have to rush back after a few days. We can stay until we get bored and want to head off to our next adventure.

We have been to places and done things that many people can only dream of. We have explored the back roads of New England, walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, kayaked the blue-green waters of the Florida Keys, stood in solemn reverence at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, tapped our toes to jazz in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and dipped those same toes into the Pacific Ocean on a beach in Oregon. We have had dolphins swim alongside us in the Gulf of Mexico, listened to coyotes howling in the Arizona desert, and elk bugling in northern California. We have explored historic battlefields, Presidents’ homes, and National Monuments. We have traveled the Oregon Trail, the Natchez Trace, the Lincoln Highway, and Route 66, all at a leisurely pace that allowed us to take our time and enjoy the trip.         

Fulltiming also gives us the freedom to spend time with friends and relatives scattered all across the country. We have looked up long lost friends, renewed acquaintances with cousins we had not seen in years, and have enjoyed getting to know them all over again.

At the same time, our lifestyle allows us to be there for our family when we are needed. A few years ago we were in Texas when we got the news that Terry’s father needed surgery. Within a couple of hours we were on the road to Arizona to be at his side, and were able to stay there until the crisis had passed. When my daughter had her second baby, we had the freedom to return to our old hometown and be a part of the experience.

And the greatest thing is that whenever the urge strikes us, we can do it all over again! Or we can take an unknown road over the horizon to a brand new adventure. What price tag can you put on this freedom? All I know is that I would not give it up for a million dollars.

Thought For The Day Opportunities multiply as they are seized. They die when neglected.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  9 Responses to “Fulltiming Means Freedom”

  1. Well stated Nick! You have a super way of conveying a point. Everytime I read one of your articals such as this, I think ” I wish I could describe something that well””!!!


  2. Hope you don’t mind, I sent a copy of this to some friends of ours that just can’t understand how we have lived this nomad life style for the past 10+ years. This might make them stop asking when are you guys going to buy a house.
    Jim n Cathy

  3. One word to describe it – WOW! As usual it was beautifully written.

  4. Simply said and it brings back to me the basics of full timing. I have seen so many make this adventure into a complicated and stressful way of life.

  5. I’m replying to yesterday and today’s blog entry in one reply because they are the same – “freedom.” We hate the sound of generators – our own or anyone else’s, so all the solar we have represents freedom to park anywhere because we don’t need hookups and freedom from generator noise. And of course the whole life style you described today is Freedom with a big “F.” That’s the best freedom of all.

  6. Well written, Nick. However, I feel the need to bring up that nasty subject of money. You and Miss Terry found a way to follow your dream and have an income, that’s fabulous. We quit our stressful jobs, sold the house and hit the road. We didn’t do months or years of planning, yet still felt “free” when we pulled away from our house in a snowstorm in Reno in March 2006. We didn’t realize the true costs of travel and quickly realized one of us has to do real work 6 months of the year. We workamp as park hosts the other season. So, for now, we travel back & forth between Montana & Calif twice a year and visit all the relatives each way. Money is tight, we aren’t old enough to retire but this life is still MUCH better than the stressful lives we were living. We have seen much more of the country than ever before on those quick 2 week vacations. I was able to help my daughter for 8 months when she had triplets. We were able to be in Montana when my 47 yr old sister in law passed away, then spend the summer with her kids. We would never, never go back, except for unforseen circumstances. Like Nick, I want to go out on my last drop of diesel and the last check bounces.

  7. In trying to explain our rving I usually ask if they have ever gone out on a “Sunday drive” with no particular destination in mind. Most have done that at least once. Then I say, “well, that’s what we do, except that we don’t have to turn around and go back home when it get’s dark! We just pull over, eat, sleep, and keep moving — or not.”

  8. Just remember to vote as often as you are permitted. Like all other freedoms these are at risk any time government is in session.

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