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Dec 282008

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About The Gypsy Journal

Nick and Terry Russell lead what many people believe is the dream life – traveling America fulltime in an RV. The Gypsy Journal stands alone as the best homespun newspaper published from the road. Anyone who travels by RV or plans to will thoroughly enjoy this informative and folksy periodical – Chuck Woodbury, Out West newspaper.

I just wanted to tell you I love your publication, but the wife hates it. Every issue that comes, for two or three days I bug the wife to sell the house and go fulltime.  – Roger L. Williams, Leona, California

Nick’s real tell-it-like-it-is look at the RV lifestyle makes entertaining, educational reading for fulltimers and wannabes. – Escapees RV Club Penwheels BOF newsletter

Love your paper, we read every word and save them for reference. Marlys Weyer, Fulltime RVer

Nick writes in such a way that you feel like you are his best friend as he tells you of the many good experiences and the few bad experiences they have had. Before visiting an area, you will know from Nick what sights are worth seeing and which campgrounds will welcome you with open arms.  – Stephanie Bernhagen, fulltime RVer and author of Take Back Your Life, Travel Fulltime In An RV

Picked up your great paper and have enjoyed reading it cover to cover. It’s just what I’ve been looking for – places to go, routes an RV can take to get there (and ones to avoid), places to park free (to make up for the ever higher RV park fees), and an honest appraisal of RV parks. It’s the first paper or magazine I’ve read that sounds just like the campground conversations you have with your neighbors to find out the kind of information you really need as you travel! Julie Wurglitsh, Springfield, Missouri

Love it! Been there, done that, and hope to do some more! Keep up the good work. Thanks for the memories.Ken Turner, Sr., Ponchatoula, Louisiana

You all do GOOD WORK! Keep it up and keep on RVing!Roger and Brenda McFillen, Black Forest, Colorado

I read it from front to back, and now I’m hooked, just like everybody else. Suzie Allain, Indianapolis, Indiana

It’s good to hear from someone who actually is out there doing it every day.Skip Tesher, Rolling Hills, Indiana

I found your paper at an RV park in Illinois and love it. Put me down for a two year subscription.Adam Southermeyer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We love your paper. We read it from cover to cover and learn many interesting things. Andy and Phyllis Ring, Lisbon Falls, Maine

Four or five different RVers have told me about the Gypsy Journal, and I decided they can’t all be wrong. Thank you for having the backbone to give us information we need to have as we travel. You tell it like it is, warts and all. Keep up the fine work you do.Benny Stoller, Cincinnati, Ohio

Like a lot of other people who write to you, we read it cover to cover. What a great publication for RVers! We are in our third year of fulltiming, and we welcome all of the information we can get about RVs, campgrounds, places to see, etc. Keep up the good work.Mike and Roberta Sevey, Livingston, Texas

Your magazine is great, the kind of articles we like on places to go and see around the U.S., and you tell it like it is. Tom and Sandy Essig, Syracuse, Indiana

You have a really neat paper and I am enjoying it thoroughly! Beckie Anderson, Fulltime RVer

We ran across your paper at the Escapees park in Deming, New Mexico and love it.Jerry and Bev Patrick, Livingston, Texas

Just got my second issue of Gypsy Journal and love it. Thank you for all the great pictures you put in each issue.Bob Price, Crossville, Tennessee

We picked up the September-October issue at the SKP rally in Goshen, Indiana. It is a fantastic. Lois Stiles, Fulltime RVer

Gypsy Journal is the best RV publication we’ve read. Here’s our check, sign us up.Marvin and Diana Alishouse, Akron, Colorado

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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