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 We have had a lot of feedback on the new blog format, most of it very positive. If you go to yesterday’s post in the new blog format, you can read some of the comments at the bottom. We appreciate everybody’s input.

One reader comment was that the pictures are too small. We have made an adjustment and now when you click on a small photo (called a thumbnail) it opens in a larger format for easier viewing, but the thumbnails make loading the blog faster. For our readers with a slow internet connection, this is a big improvement.  

Some people e-mailed to ask why we are making the switch to the new format. Actually, we are doing it for several reasons. A big reason for the change is to have individual post pages.  In the past, when a reader wanted to link to something in a particular blog, their only choice was to link to an entire month of the old blog and tell people to scroll through and find a particular date.  With the new format, readers can link directly to any particular blog post, because each post has its own internet address, or URL, also known as a permalink. So readers with their own blogs can link to particular comments we’ve made,  making everything much more accessible.

Another thing the new blog format will help us accomplish is making individual blog posts more accessible to internet search engines. While I love publishing the Gypsy Journal and the daily blog, it is also our business, and the income from those Google ads on the sidebar help us pay the bills. Improved internet search accessibility helps target more appropriate ads to the individual blog posts.

Allowing readers to post comments to the blog is also something we have wanted to do for a long time, and the new format allows readers to share their point of view on blog topics.

Last, but not least, with the old format, I had to use either my desktop computer, or my laptop, to make blog posts, because the software is on those computers. The new blog format uses  the WordPress software, and I can access the blog, approve reader comments, and post updates from any computer with an internet connection.

Now, a lot of this is geek speak to me, but fortunately we have our very own geeks to explain it all much better than I ever could, with the tutorial videos Geeks on Tour produces. Check out their website and you’ll learn more about computers and how to get the most out of them than you could ever believe was possible.

Okay, enough tech talk, let’s talk about the year 2008, which we say goodbye to today. It’s been a busy and successful year for Terry and I, a year filled with lots of good times. But the year also brought a lot of sadness into our lives. In February we lost our dear friend Dave Baleria, a man whom I loved like a brother. Time has eased the rawest edges of the pain, but the hole in my heart will never be filled. Even now I find myself reaching for the phone to call Dave to bounce an idea off of him, or starting to forward him some goofy e-mail joke.        

In September we lost another dear friend, and an icon to the RV world, when Gaylord Maxwell passed on to his next great adventure. Gaylord was my boss at the Life on Wheels program, and a mentor to many of us. The world lost a great teacher when we lost Gaylord. There will never be another one like him.

With Gaylord’s passing, Life on Wheels has ended, and that is another tremendous loss to the RV industry and to the new RVers who will never have the opportunity to experience such an intense educational experience about this lifestyle.

But while we must honor the past and remember those who are no longer with us, we have to look toward to the future at the same time. Tomorrow we start a brand new year. What new adventures does it hold for us? Where will it take us? How many new friends will we make along the way? I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the trip.

Thought For The Day – You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  7 Responses to “RV Blog & Saying Goodby To 2008”

  1. Nice new format. Easier to see what is on the pages. Still a little text formatting problem down in the right column in the RSS feed links but other than that it works for me.

    I personally, prefer that any hyperlinks be a distinctly different color when embedded into text. The links now are easily confused with simple underlining and do not change color once they have been clicked on. This last item is less important but it makes it a whole lot easier to find it again, later, when referring others to it.

    I do really like the ability to link to a specific post when referring it to others. That was always a bother to deal with.

    Thanks for the continued enjoyment.

  2. Hey Nick,
    Congratulations to you for being willing to switch to a new way of doing things! I know you’ll be happy you did! Welcome to the world of WordPress – the possibilities are limitless. And, for all those who are leaving comments about the format, I am reading and tweaking the code accordingly. You should notice that the text is larger and darker.
    BLOG ON!

  3. Hey Nick ,way to go

  4. When I connected today I only got the list of the recent blogs and a couple of your ads. When I connected using yesterdays link I got the whole list of your “goodies” on the left – though they looked like recent blog entries at first glance. Over all the blogs has a “cleaner” look to it, but it also looks more like a regular blog. I miss some of the color and the attention it drew to all the other information that you have for readers to explore. This is your blog but in many ways it is your front door through which readers grasp the diversity of your research, knowledge and your business. Make sure that your keep advertising yourself along with those google ads. You have spent many years and hours weaving this fabric together, generating topics, sharing stories, dispersing information – gypsyjournel is more that just a blog

  5. I am loving this…now added to my Google Reader and I can pass the link to others to follow. Need to now change your link in my blog’s blog roll of favorites. Great work!

  6. Nice site, Nick!! And this does make it easier to comment!! It might make it too easy however…heehee, in some cases!

  7. Hey Nick, I echo the comment on COLOR. I like the web page, but the SIDE bar on the left has a drab feel from your past bright yellow. Maybe you can experimnet with some different colors, Green, your old yellow, or a nice blue. No biggie, but maybe some one else will comment to give you a feel. I felt the same way the other person did, that your Brirght Yellow, atteacted me to “look see”. Other than that I think your living my dream and as soon as I can figure out a way to make “CASH FLOW”, (on the road) I’ll be out there with you. Until them I’m STUCK in the go to work trap. See you down the highway. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. ~ken

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