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  1. Im new to full timing… hell the most ive ever done is tent camping for 10 days once a year. But I bought a motorhome two weeks ago. It came with a basic 1 year membership to thousand trails. In my research on upgrades, I came across your posts. So much info, thank you! So how do I find someone looking to sell their membership? How do I find this “escapees from thousand trails” forum that you spoke of. And lastly, what suggestions do you have so that I dont get taken advantage of in the process.

    A friend said I should have her at least check the memberships in her system to see what the dues are, since dues vary widely, and to see if the account is in good standing. Do you have better or different suggestions?

    I appreciate any and all info you can send my way. Until I hear from you, Ill be sifting through more of your posts for info.


  2. Trish,
    A good place to look for used membership is on the Escapees forum at

    On any used membership, call the main office at Thousand Trails, give them the membership number and ask exactly what you are going to get and if there are any changes with a transfer to a new owner.

  3. I want to buy your 8-n-1 deal guides ($24.95). The gypsy journal (newspaper) says this information is sent as a CD. The online-information (above) refers to this information as its used in an e-reader. I dont have an e-reader, I have a laptop computer. Are these articles sent on a CD, or not?
    thanks. Jim

  4. Jim,
    They are PDF files. They will work fine in your laptop. We can send you a CD or e-mail them to you, whichever you prefer.

  5. Are any of these still available in paper format? (I like to make notes and record experiences.) Thank you.

  6. Kristi Sabin

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